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Blackwire Labs is grounded in faith and committed to developing trusted AI cybersecurity solutions for a secure future.

Blackwire Labs is committed to honoring God in all we do as we endeavor to secure the use of technology for all of society.

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Cybersecurity Community of Excellence (CCOE) & Expert “Role Based Clones"

Blackwire Labs Elevates Trust in AI-Powered Cybersecurity with the Cybersecurity Community of Excellence (CCOE).

As a beacon of trust, the CCOE pioneers independent certification of training sets and knowledge bases, expert-driven training for responses, and collaborative creation of role-based prompts. This initiative ensures transparency and reliability in AI-driven cybersecurity, offering organizations access to highly specialized and role-specific GAI clones. These clones, crafted by a collective effort of Blackwire Labs employees, vetted contractors, and CCOE SMEs, embody years of wisdom and experience. With the CCOE, Blackwire Labs sets the standard for accurate, verifiable, and trusted cybersecurity expertise.

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